Film and Audio Production

Dulwich Studios

Welcome to Dulwich Studios: a small independent film and recording studio based in South London. Originally created by actor, musician and award-winning filmmaker Josef Pitura-Riley to film and produce the short films he made, the studio has continued to grow over the years and now works on a wide range of content.

Short films and web series have always been at the heart of Dulwich Studios and we're incredibly proud of the stories we tell. We work hard to push the boundries of what is possible for a small independent studio with no funding and a limted budget while still creating high quality content that our audience finds entertaining. Stars Of The Future, our 10 part mockumentary series, was one of our most ambitious projects requring a two camera shoot, large cast and specific locations while our comedy short film Being A Superhero made extensive use of spectacular visual effects to bring the action to life!

In addition to our own in house productions, Dulwich Studios is also available to hire to work on your project. We have lots of experience working on Music Videos, Documentaries, Promo and How To Videos as well as Acting Showreels and Acoustic Live Sessions.

We also have a recording studio where we've recorded and mixed EPs and Singles for local musicians, Singing and Voiceover Reels for a range of performers and have edited audio for several different companies.

Whether we're working on one of our own short films or a project you bring to us, we pride ourselves on always going the extra mile to make sure everything we work on is as good as it can possible be. With plans to launch several new projects in 2018 we're very excited to show you what we have in the works and we hope you have as much fun watching as we do creating.