Only One - The Bora: Music Video

Monday, 20 May 2013

Hi all, I’m back again with yet another music video. This time it's a little something I created for my good friend Will Tierney and his band The Bora. Check out the music video for Only One below!

On a very hot day a few weeks ago we all headed to Brighton to film in particularly nice studio that Will had sorted out. Thankfully we had plenty of time to get all the shots we needed are were able to film multiple runs of the song to get all the shots we needed. Each take was then synced up with the original track which I sent over to Will so he could have a look vefore we started to edit. 

When the day came to edit Will was an absolute joy to work with. He’d meticoulsly studied all the shots I’d sent him beforehand and knew exactly which shots he wanted to use and where he wanted to cut to another. Thanks to this we managed to get a rough cut of the video ready in just over an hour, which is astonishing given how much footage we have to choose from. We were then abel to spend the rest of the day watching it through and making little tweaks here and there. Luckily, because we’d shot so much material, if we ever came across a shot we wern’t particularly keen on when seeing it in the context of the whole video we had plenty of footage to choose from the fill the gap.

Afterwards I was then able to to put on the finishing touches and do the final grade before sending the finished music video off to Will. How I wish all productions could be this simple!