It Wouldn't Be Christmas

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Another year rolls around and Christmas is here again. You may remember in previous years I’ve spent December putting together some fun festive videos of Christmas songs in the studio but this year I’ve taken it a step further. Not content with releasing covers of other peoples Christmas songs this year I’ve decided to record my very own Christmas single and film my own music video for it.

When it came to making the music video I had an idea where I thought it would be cool to use some projections of myself to make the video more interesting. I filmed myself on a green screen playing the various brass instruments that make appearances throughout the song then edited together a version of the track which I could project onto a screen behind the live version of me. Then it was just a case of filming multiple angles of me performing the song at the piano while playing the projections at the same time. It’s a fairly simple idea but one that makes the video just that little bit more engaging!

You can check out the video below and if you fancy adding my song It Wouldn’t Be Christmas to your own festive playlists, the song is now available on iTunes and Spotify.