Welcome Back!

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Hello everybody, long time no see!

Welcome, or for some of you "welcome back", to Dulwich Studios. I’ve been fairly quiet recently having spent most of my time working on productions for other people but I always had the long term goal of relaunching the studio and offering my services out to all you lovely people. As you’ll see I’ve achieved the first step of this by giving the website a major overhaul to drag it kicking and screaming up to modern standards. There’s also a brand new section where you can take a look at all the different Services I now offer. Whether you a musician looking to make your next music video, an actor wanting the record a custom scene for you showreel, or even a new business wanting to make some online video content Dulwich Studios has got you covered.

My recording studio is also going through a transformation and I’m happy to say I’m now able to offer recording and mixing sessions to voiceover artists and singers. In addition to this the studio is also available to musicians and singer/songwriters who are looking to record their next Single or EP at an affordable price. In fact I have a few projects already on the go in this area which hopefully I’ll be able to talk more about very soon.

Of course my original aim for the studio was to have a place to release all the short films that I created and that hasn’t been forgotten. We’re currently in pre-production for a brand new Dulwich Studios short film - the first in over 5 years I believe - which I plan to start shooting before the end of the Summer. There’s also a few more original productions in the works and hopefully they’ll see the light of day sooner rather than later.
In the meantime though do have a look round the new website and if you fancy using any of our services, please do get in touch!