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Al Acoustic - Promo Trailer

In addition to creating several acoustic videos with Al Howell as part of our Acoustic Live Sessions package, we also created a short promo video for his acoustic act utilising some of the material we shot during the gig as well as some special shots we filmed while he was setting up for the opening of the trailer. Have a watch below!


"Save Me" from ALEXIS - Live At The Water Rats

In case you missed the trailer last month, here’s another excerpt from ALEXIS - Live At The Water Rats which we filmed and edited earlier this year for Alexis Gerrard as part of his debut album launch. Check out the video below which features his song Save Me as seen in the live film created by Dulwich Sudios.

If you’re a musician and are...

Frank - By Al Howell (Live Acoustic Session)

Today I’m really pleased to be able to share with you some of the work we’ve been doing with actor and musician Al Howell.

Al is currently relaunching his solo acoustic act and having recently been picked up by a booking agent, recognised that he needed some high quality video of him performing in a live setting to promote both himself...

ALEXIS - Live At The Water Rats: Trailer

We're really excited to share with you the trailer for ALEXIS - Live At The Water Rats which is now available to download. The Live Film was shot and edited by Dulwich Studios earlier this year and we’re happy to report that Alexis is over the moon with the result!

Acoustic Session Filming with Al Howell

We reccently completed a shoot for Al Howell who was looking to get some performance footage of him performing live to send to booking agents and venues. As he’s an acoustic act our Acoustic Live Session package was perfect for him and we spent a very enjoyable evening filming him perform at The Hope. Despite being a much more simple shoot than the...

Live Gig Filming at The Water Rats

A fantastic way to kick off 2019 saw the Dulwich Studios team filming an epic live gig last weekend at The Water Rats music venus in Central London.

The gig was part of Alexis Gerrard’s debut album launch and we were very excited to be tasked with producing a live recording of the show. It wasn’t the simplest of shoots with two moving cameras...

Between Us - New Album OUT NOW

The cast recording for new musical Between Us is now available to download! 

The album, featuring the vocal talents of Elizabeth Carter and composer/lyricist Josef Pitura-Riley, was recorded and mixed entirely at Dulwich Studios. The show will soon be embarking on a short 2019 tour so be sure to book your tickets to avoid missing out. As...

Acoustic Live Session Filming with Alex James Ellison.

We had a great time filming a series of Acoustic Live Session videos for Alex James Ellison recently at Auburn Jam Studios. Utilising a multi-camera shoot to make sure we didn’t miss a moment of his performance, we filmed a wide range of songs with Alex which he plans to release online. Having previously worked with Alex on the music video for his...

The Architect - New Short Film

With our new short film REWIND well into post-production and on track for it’s 2019 release, we thought now might be a good time to let you know about another project we’ve had in the works. 

The Architect is another short film we’ve been working on in recent months and while in terms of scale it’s not as big as REWIND, we’re still incredibly...

Between Us - Album Recording

We’re very excited to say that the new musical Between Us is getting it’s own cast recording and the album is being recorded and mixed at Dulwich Studios. Keep an eye out for the release date as it’ll be hitting before Christmas.