Voice Reels for Singers and Voiceover Artists


These days it's becoming more and more common for musical theatre performers to have a singing reel. Whether you're reaching out to new agents, contacting casting directors or just want a great audio track to use on your Spotlight page, it always pays to have a high quality recording of your singing voice to stand out from everybody else.

If you have a backing track then it's a simple matter of coming on down to our studio to record your vocal lines. If you don't have a backing track all is not lost! You can always send us the sheet music and we'll let you know if we can record a custom arrangement of the song just for you.

Once the recording phase is done we'll professionally mix and master the song and send you the finished product. You'll be kept up to date throughout the entire process and will have a final say on exactly which takes are used so that you're happy with the finished results. Of course many agents and casting directors will want to hear not only your vocal range but also your emotional/acting range. To reflect this our Singing Reel packages are priced competitively to get you the best deal when recording multiple songs.

Take a listen to some of our previous work below:


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Falling - By Charlotte Peak

Astonishing - Elizabeth Carter

We're also available to work on Voice Reels. For Voiceover Artists a voice reel is essential. Before you can be hired for voiceover work a casting director needs to hear what you sound like and a voicereel is the best way to show off your skills. In our studio we professionally record, mix and master your voice and provide you with high quality recordings for you to use in any way you wish.

-During one session you can record multiple scenes for a variety of different characters/voices/accents.

-Sound effects and ambient noise can also be added to your scenes if you feel it needs this.

-We can also edit your newly recorded voice reel with work you have already recorded in the past.

-The finished recordings will be made available to you as individual scenes and also edited together into a single package.

Voiceover Reels:

Singing Reels: