It was just another ordinary day for Johnny. Nothing exciting ever happens and so he's another ordinary teenager living out life on a ordinary London street... that is until Alien's attack! When a UFO lands outside and starts abducting people it turns Johnny's world upside down and suddenly his street is the centre of attention. He forges a friendship with TV Reporter Dawn Raid in the hope that they get to the bottom of exactly why Alien Commander Xantoraxian has landed his ship in the middle London!

Spaceship Street was one of the first major projects Dulwich Studios created way back in 2006 and so natrually is showing it's age. That said it still holds a dear place in our hearts and even though it's a little dated we thought you might like to see just how far we've come. Spaceship Street had it's world premiere at The Ritzy in Brixton and shortly there after was uploaded to a brand new video site called "YouTube".

Both parts are available to watch below:

Part One

Part Two