Written and Directed By

Josef Pitura-Riley

When a brutally decapitated body turns up in a London alleyway, DCI Collins and his team first on the scene and determined to get to the bottom of this strange case. Together they interview the witnesses, chase down suspects and occasionally burst into improvised musical numbers... all with the goal of catching the killer. But something doesn't seem right. Despite being one of the best Inspector's in London, Collins can't help but feel he is being led on a wild goose chase and the killer is still one step ahead of them. And who is the mysterious new officer that seems to be a little too close to the case.

Decapitated is a short comedy police drama film with plenty of twists, turns and laughs along the way. It was shot in 2008 after the completion of the Backstage Blunders web series and was released the following year.

Part One

Part Two

Decapitated Trailer:

The original trailer for the film.


Things don't always go to plan when shooting a movie. Here's a compliation of all the takes that went wrong and were left on the cutting room floor.

Decapitated - Audio Commentary:

The films writer and director, Josef Pitura-Riley and Calum Rogers, who played DCI Collins sit down to watch the film and share their stories from behind the scenes and the challenges they faced while shooting the film.

Behind The Scenes