Showreels For Actors & Presenters


Every actor or actress needs a good showreel to stand out from everyone else. If you haven't built up a large portfoilio of screen work yet you may want to film a scene specifically for your showreel.

At Dulwich Studios we have lots of experience working on both sides of the camera and can use that knowledge to help you get what you need from a showreel. If you have a scene in mind our team will work with you to get the best performance possible, one that you will be proud to include in your showreel.

Even better, if you're filming with a friend and splitting the cost, we can edit the scene twice - once to feature you and once to feature your friend (for a minimal extra fee).

Or maybe you already have plenty of footage to work with but need someone to bring it all together. We also have an editing service where you provide us with the footage and we'll edit the scenes together along with your stage name, website and agent's contact details to create a truly professional showreel package.

Pricing Starts From £99 Per Scene

Why not split the cost with a friend. For an extra £50 we'll edit the scene twice - once to feature you and once to feature your co-star.

Video Showreels


Stills from Showreels and Short Films by Dulwich Studios

Have you already got plenty of great footage but just need it all put together into a slick package? No problem, our editing service can do that for you.

Having worked on as actors ourselves we're well aqainted with what casting directors are acoustomed to seeing. We can also provide an external eye and help you decide which order your scenes should come in and whether of not you want to have your name and headshot at the start or end of the video.

In special circumstances we may also be able to re-edit an exisiting scene to feature you more heavily - however please bear in mind this does depend on the scene in question and is taken on a case by case basis.

Editing Service