Without Nodrog Studios there's a good chance that Dulwich Studios wouldn't exist today. We wanted to take a moment to step back into the past and showcase some of these historic films that focus on traditional british steam railways.

The films were originally shot onto 8mm film using a Bolex K2. Filmmaking has always been a skill but that has never been more true than here where these homemade films were created without the existence of easy to use digital cameras or computers for editing.  

The Bahamas Locomotive: No. 5596

This film features historic footage of The Bahamas Locomotive No 5596. Originally shot onto 8mm film, the footage shows The Bahamas Locomotive in steam (along with a few other engines too) at Dinting in 1969.

Push & Pull:

The Re-Opening of the Keighley and Worth Valley Steam Railway

This film documents the first days of the new Keighley and Worth Valley Steam Railway in June 1968 when the railway ran a simple push and pull service upon it's re-opening.

The Year Of 68:

The Final Days Of Steam Engines In Yorkshire

As the orders of Dr Beeching started to take effect in Britain and Diesel and Electric locomotives started to become more common, this historical home movie footage shot onto the 8mm film capture some of the final moments of Steam Engines in Yorkshire.

Features: Ribblehead, The Fifteen Guinea Special, Black Fives, Oliver Cromwell and The Flying Scotsman.